DiALOG 2012: EIM Conference Announced to high acclaim

Böblingen, April 27th 2012. The DiALOG 2012 – the first forum on the subject of Enterprise Information Management is casting a large shadow: The exposition hotel is full, the consultants are eager and enthusiastic and the organizing team has completed all preparations. The vibrancy is far above expectations. Only a few contingent seats are still to be assigned!   Whether or not it will be sunny on May 3 and 4 is still not known, but one thing we do know: The participants expect an interesting, exciting exposition with numerous topics involving EIM, including contract management, risk and compliance management, strategic purchasing subjects like SRM and above all, time for exchange of information and networking. Have you already requested information and registered? Is so, then that’s great! Otherwise don’t delay or wait too long, because your operations and administrative procedures could really benefit from this exposition.