DiALOG 2013: Enterprise Information Management - People in Focus

Times are changing ever faster! The information age has now become noticeable in all organizational and business sectors and permeates relentlessly all of our working and living areas. Information technology, for some still a threat, drives inexorably a new generation of ideas, devices, platforms and systems into our daily lives. The flood of information grows. The demands are getting higher and everybody is keeping up with?!

Where is the stability, the security in terms of sustainability? What are we doing to promote the organizations, but not always to overcharge IT technically? Thousands mails, appointments, interviews! What´s left? EIM provides this question with the approach: "EIM is communication"! And so it is for us as a provider of EIM important to not only convince with quality of products and services.

An open, stable and understandable form of communication is our claim for the DiALOG 2013, the forum for Enterprise Information Management. Plaintext in the lectures and an established concept for all topics related to EIM speak for themselves. Just people in focus of the organizations! You we want to achieve and respond.

Keynote speakers will highlight the various aspects of Enterprise Information Management. "Information Management through the ages" looks at the systematic transformation of information management from different perspectives. With experience gained from research EIM will be tested with the outlook "challenges and opportunities". The conclusion is then a panel discussion with the provocative title "Without people it´s not possible”, which gives participants a chance for individual supplements and demands.

The lectures to the subject of "Enterprise Information Management" at a glance

Enterprise Information Management: Where do we stand today?
Steffen Schaar, The Quality Group GmbH
May 2nd, 5 pm

Innovation, Knowledge, Intellectual Capital: Information management in the course of time
Prof. Dr. Kai Mertins, Knowledge Raven Management GmbH
May 2nd, 5:15 pm

Enterprise Information Management – challenges and potentials
Prof. Dr. Bernhard Kölmel, Hochschule Pforzheim
May, 3rd, 9 am

Don´t forget to involve the people
Panel discussion under the direction of Prof. Dr. Robert Fieten, BME e.V.
May, 3rd, 12:45 pm

For more information to the DiALOG 2013: Forum for Enterprise Information Management, visit dialog.tqg.en.